It's The PERFECT Year for 20/20 Loden LASIK Vision 

It's The PERFECT Year for 20/20 Loden LASIK Vision 

It's the GREATEST LASIK CELEBRATION in the history of Loden Vision Centers. Now you can enjoy over $2,000 in LASIK savings and get our 20/20 or Free LASIK Guarantee on our advanced iLASIK 2.0 LASIK technology. 

Learn more by texting LODEN to 484848. Offer expires February 29, 2020. 

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We take great pride in providing patients with innovative, state-of the art technology, the most experienced team of surgeons, and a level of personalized care that no other Nashville LASIK vision correction center can match. 

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Call Us At (615) 559-4242

(615) 559-4242

Brandon B.

Excellent every step of the way. The team and staff at Loden Vision have made my experience worry-free and the results today following my iLASIK procedure yesterday have been beyond belief. I never thought to ever see 20/20 without my glasses and now I not only see 20/20 but I’m improving. 

Kimberly B.

"The people, the procedure, and most of all the outcome are absolutely phenomenal! Dr. Loden and his staff could not be more friendly or professional. If you are wearing glasses or contacts go see them…waking up and being able to see less than 24 hours after surgery is the best feeling ever!!!"

Jon L.

I went in for a consultation where they fully explained the risks and benefits of LASIK eye surgery, and we scheduled my surgery. I went from not being able to see the detail in my hands five inches from my face to about 20/20 vision; my vision is better now than it has ever been with contacts. I have nothing but compliments to Dr. Loden and his staff. Thanks again!

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